Sustainability and innovation are a part of Sweden’s DNA. We have cutting-edge innovations and disruptive technologies that are needed and demanded in foreign markets. Business Sweden is commissioned by the Swedish government and Swedish industry to support Swedish companies to grow, and international businesses invest and expand in Sweden. In short, we help companies turn opportunities into reality. By acting as a matchmaker between Swedish technology and global climate challenges, we accelerate the innovative solutions needed to achieve the Paris Agreement.

To enable sustainable value-chains and speed up the reduction journeys and green transition in Sweden and abroad, we must partner up across borders and across sectors to build robust partnerships between the public and private sector. Here, COP27 represents a crucial meeting ground for enabling new ways forward. Driven by urgency and opportunity, Business Sweden is gathering world leading stakeholders from Swedish business, politics, the public sector, academia, and civil society to showcase best practice examples in the areas of policy, finance, and innovations needed to accelerate the global green transition.

At COP27, we are creating a platform for some of Sweden’s most frontrunning companies and their interconnecting stakeholders to collaborate and showcase that:

  1. We have innovative solutions bold enough to make a real difference.
  2. We are pushing for policies that will move us from dialogue to action, guided by urgency and opportunity.
  3. We have a variety of financial systems distributing capital to climate solutions.

Innovation is critical for advancing climate adaptation and mitigating the crisis. We need new systems and bold solutions that make a real difference. Fortunately, many of these already exist. Sweden has technology in place that is transforming industries and value chains globally. We are producing fossil-free steel, developing clean and predictable energy – and Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage – for the future, as well as advancing other circular business models and disruptive technologies.

Sweden may be a small country, but we have the potential to make a large impact worldwide. With Sweden’s COP27 business delegation, we will present a solution-based and action-driven agenda and showcase that the transition is not only possible, but it also brings opportunities such as new jobs, green growth, and increased social justice. These companies are driving climate action globally and have a unique opportunity to make an impact worldwide.

And what companies are participating and what are the criteria for participating? We are bringing frontrunning representatives from the Swedish private sector with innovative solutions and ambitious climate targets and who actively strive to push the science based climate agenda forward.

Emma Modéer Wiking
Global Head of International Sustainable Business
Business Sweden



Emma Modeer Wiking

Last update

  • 2022-11-07