MatsRehn, 76

Meet Mats who has lived almost his whole life in the same, beloved area of Stockholm. Hear about his positive outlook of life, even when tragic news arrives.


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Eva Ekberg, 75

Life took Eva from Stockholm to a family in Rom, Italy, and then back to Stockholm again. Today she is a city guide and show turists the beautiful city.


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Percy Rosberg, 87

Meet 87 year old Percy, a man who helped one of the worlds greatest tennisplaners, Björn Borg, to reach his goal. Hear him talk about his amazing life, all the way from Hässelby to almost every corner of the globe.

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Björn Gate, 78

Björn is a 78-years old that was always driven by curiosity, something that has brought him all around the world. He has spent most of his life living abroad or traveling, now he struggles with adapting to a culture that values independency.

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Ingegerd Brusewitz, 101

Ingegerd is a lively woman of 101 that has experienced more than most people could ever dream about. World War II  came to affect her and her choice of profession, as well as her view on life; it has made her approach life with courage and compassion.

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There are a thousand existing stories waiting to be told

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About Memory Lane

A life is full of joy, ups and downs, relations and experiences. Life is about making memories. We all have amazing stories to tell and share with our loved ones. Unfortunately not everyone has someone to share them with, or someone who takes the time to listen. Unwanted loneliness and isolation is a big societal issue when the daily interaction with society slowly increases. As a direct consequence, studies show impact on the health of many elderly citizens, such as depression and accelerated early stage dementia. Independent studies confirm that unwanted loneliness is as dangerous as smoking and obesity.

For more than 100 years, Stockholm Exergi has warmed the citizens of Stockholm both through our business and social engagement. We decided to take the next step in making Stockholm warmer – in a way that had never been done before.

The technology behind Memory Lane Project was initiated two years ago at Accenture Interactive R&D Center in Sophia Antipolis. After over two years of research, development and thousands of hours of testing, they finally successfully launched the now patent-pending Memory Lane. It’s the world’s first reversed engineered voice assistant that can drive meaningful conversations and ask personal questions to the person it is talking to. 


Tell your story

Do you have a story that can inspire others? By taking part in our project you get the opportunity to tell your life story in a unique conversation with an artificial intelligence (AI). We keep and share your history based on this conversation. Maybe you know someone that deserves to be heard?

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