Information for Stockholm Exergi suppliers
Following the introduction of a new business management system – IFS – Stockholm Exergi is making a number of changes that will entail some of our partners having to adopt new processes and ways of working in the new system. These changes may affect Stockholm Exergi suppliers and during the autumn you will have the opportunity to train on the new system and obtain information about procedures such as time reporting, incident reporting and work orders. Suppliers will be affected in different ways, and some will not be affected at all. We will return in the autumn with more information about training courses and how to register for them.


Being a Stockholm Exergi supplier

The following documents outline our minimum requirements to become a Stockholm Exergi supplier:

How to register as a supplier

Work is currently underway on a process for registration and qualification of existing and new suppliers. We are contacting existing suppliers with information about registering on our Contract Management System (CMS) supplied by GEP. Suppliers who are already registered can log in using this link. We soon also hope to have a channel on which new suppliers will be able to register.

Once you have a registered administrator, (known as a Contract Line Manager or CLM), your CLM can log into our contractor portal to administer which of your employees needs authorisation and access cards to our facilities. You can also upload photos directly from SSG. You can access the Contractor Portal here.

We are an energy company that is not subject to Sweden’s law on public procurement in the utility sector (LUF).


Invoicing Stockholm Exergi

Invoices to Stockholm Exergi must be sent in electronic format. For example, Svefaktura and Peppol, although invoices sent in PDF via email are not considered electronic.

Stockholm Exergi’s standard payment terms are 45 days.

The following options are available for sending e-invoices:

*Stockholm Exergi uses Pagero as e-invoice operator.

E-invoice address for Stockholm Exergi AB:

There are more e-invoice addresses for various companies within Stockholm Exergi, you can find these here

VAT number: SE556016909501
Organisation number/Corporate identity number: 556016-9095



Stockholm Exergi conducts a large number of procurements every year, the majority of which relate to various projects at our facilities and distribution networks.

Work is underway on a new routines and system support for our procurement processes.


Are you a consultant and would like to work with Stockholm Exergi? If so, you would be welcome to contact our consultant agency Magnit Global

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