How do I log into My Pages?

To use My Pages, you need to create an account, which you can easily do by logging in with your BankID with the Log In button on the top right of our homepage.

When you log into My Pages, please select in which capacity you are logging in:

Your account is personal, and linked to you as an individual, which means that you always use your personal Bank ID to log in, even if you represent a tenant-owner association, a business, or a management company.

Private individuals and businesses

You only need to create your personal account once, after which you can use it both as a private individual and representing a business. By entering customer and organisation numbers, you simply add and link customers you are authorised to add and link, to your account. Please note that it is not possible to view private properties when you log in as a company and you do not see your company’s properties when you log in as a private individual.

Terms and conditions

My Pages are exclusively intended for Stockholm Exergi customers and others who represent or carry out work for our customers. You can read more about our terms of use and how we process personal data here.

BankID och Mobile BankID

BankID and Mobile BankID are the same and My Pages supports both variants, i.e., BankID which is installed on your computer or smartphone, and Mobile BankID on your smartphone.

How do I obtain BankID?

Contact your bank to arrange a BankID.

Log into My Pages

Our customer service will help you!

Our customer service will help you!

We are happy to help you with questions about your district heating or district cooling, or if something is not working as it should. You also know that you can easily get help via My pages if you are looking for an invoice, for example?