We supply heating when it is cold and cooling when it is hot. We aim to create substantial carbon dioxide sinks from 2025. We manage Stockholmers’ waste and recycle precious resources. We provide job opportunities for people who would otherwise be outside the labour market and ensure that our suppliers provide good working conditions.


Our value chain and sustainability issues

We regularly analyse where our impact is greatest and which sustainability issues are most important to those affected by our operations. We usually describe our business in terms of our value chain, where each of its component parts is needed to create the whole that enables us to achieve our goals as a company. Sustainability issues are important in every part of our value chain.

Our most important sustainability issues associated with our value chain include:

Distribution: local disruption caused by our operations.

Customers and society: responsible action based on Stockholm Exergi’s position in the heating market, offering sustainable products and services, employment focused on less advantaged groups.

Society’s residual products: waste management incorporating energy recovery.

Suppliers: anti-corruption, renewable fuels, sustainable purchases and investments, transportation, extraction of the Earth’s resources.

Production: waste from our operations, local disruption caused by our production facilities, emissions released into the air and climate impact, emissions released into water.

Employees: wellness and health, diversity, safe working environments.

How we manage our sustainability work

Sustainability is integrated throughout Stockholm Exergi’s operations and is reflected in our vision, strategy, goal formulation and the decisions we take. Our sustainability policy forms the basis of our management culture and guides us in conjunction with codes of conduct for us and our suppliers. Read more about how we manage our sustainability efforts.