Right now, we’re heating more than 31,000 modern apartments with excess heat

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Stockholm Exergi’s district heating network consists of some 3,000 km of pipes under the streets of Stockholm. Furthermore, we have a world-unique district cooling network consisting of around 300 km of pipes. These distribution systems make it possible to transfer energy from locations with excess energy to locations where energy is needed.

Companies and businesses with excess heat located adjacent to our network can sell energy to us. We call this Open District Heating.

Deliver your excess heat to the district heating network

Do you have excess heat that you can’t use? Sell it to us! As a supplier to Open District Heating, you recycle your excess heat to the district heating network and contribute to heating Stockholm households. Our offering is best suited for data centers, supermarkets and other industrial businesses that generate excess heat. The concept caters not only to the need of disposing of heat effectively, but also for economic gain and steps towards more sustainable urban solutions.

By recovering heat for the district heating network, we create a unique marketplace for trade in excess heat. Stockholm Exergi’s investment in heat recovery is a key part of its efforts to create a sustainable city. By 2030, 100 percent of Stockholm’s district heating is to be generated from renewable and recovered energy.
Open District Heating will provide a more effective, more profitable, and at the same time more sustainable energy system in Stockholm.

Payment model

Stockholm Exergi pays for delivered heat capacity based on what the equivalent heat would have cost to produce in our plants. Payments are dependent upon ambient outdoor temperatures.
For example, Stockholm Exergi pays approximately two million SEK annually for heat deliveries of 1MW. Our payment model is split into two geographical areas: North and South Stockholm.

Different contract models

Open District Heating offers two different contract models to suit suppliers’ different circumstances and requirements. To find out more, contact us

This is what our suppliers say about heat recovery in their business

This is how it works

Data centers heat apartments in Stockholm
In a data center there are lots of servers that generate heat and therefore need to be cooled. Usually this is done with a cooling machine, and the cooled excess heat is then transported further to a cooling tower where it is fanned away.

By instead cooling the data hall with the help of one or more heat pumps, the excess heat can be delivered to the district heating network and used for heating the city instead!


The frozen pizza heats the neighbour’s shower water
The most important point when it comes to heat recovery from grocery stores is, in addition to increased profitability, the social benefit created by the fact that energy that would otherwise be lost can now be used by others.

Modern refrigeration and freezer units can be connected directly to the district heating and district cooling network so that all excess heat can be recovered. The heat we recover yearly is already enough to heat tens of thousands of apartments. You can help us to increase that number.

Do you also want to become an Open District Heating supplier?

Do you have a data center or another business or industry that generates excess heat? Contact us if you are interested to learn more.

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Joint large-scale heat recovery initiative with Stockholm Data Parks

In January 2017, and together with the City of Stockholm, Stokab, and power distribution company Ellevio, Stockholm Exergi launched a product on the national and international market designed to make Stockholm the obvious choice for establishing large-scale data centers.

The idea and vision behind the joint imitative is to harness the synergies between Stockholm’s district heating network, reliable and tax-free delivery of renewable electricity, and Stockholm’s position as a leading global ICT center. This enables the up-scale establishment of the world’s most environmentally friendly and energy efficient data centers in Stockholm.

One of the key competitive advantages data center operators enjoy from establishing in Stockholm is getting paid to recover heat from data centers and channel it to Stockholm Exergi’s district heating network.

Contribute to a fossil-free Stockholm

When Stockholm Data Parks is fully operational, the data centers will contribute with a significant amount of excess heat to the district heating network in Stockholm. It is an important contribution to the city’s ambition to be completely fossil-free by 2040.

More about Stockholm Data Parks

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