My Pages quickly provides you with information on how your district heating or cooling system is working. The start page gives you a clear status overview of the facilities you are authorised to see and presents a variety of data. With the Change Data function, you can decide which data you see and how they are presented. If any of your facilities are temporarily affected by a service interruption or malfunction, information is displayed at the top of the home page, so you see such information quickly. Information on planned service interruptions in the coming 30 days is also shown here. Simply click through for more detailed information about which facilities are affected and planned duration.

Help and contact

Under Help, you’ll find features that help you understand and use My Pages. There is a glossary that describes the words and concepts we use. We have also developed another function that we call On This Page, which provides specific information about each page. You’ll also find contact information, if you want to give us feedback or get help.

Create your own groups and view district heating and district cooling reports

If you manage a number of facilities, simply click and select individual or all facilities you are looking for and create your own groups under Facilities. When you click on a facility, more detailed data is displayed. If you have a single facility, detailed information for that facility is displayed immediately. This data includes metre readings and operational protocols for our Function Control service. You can also quickly click through for more detailed information about contracts, invoices and operating statistics for facilities, and download district heating and district cooling reports, respectively.

Contracts and annual cost estimates

When you click on a facility’s contract, detailed information about the contract and the facility’s annual cost estimate is displayed. By clicking on the estimate, you can easily see all details and download the estimate as a PDF.  You can also use our simulation tool to test how choosing different options affects your annual cost estimate. You can also download an updated cost estimate including selected options as a PDF.

If you have administrator privileges in My Pages, when you are satisfied with your selections, you can proceed by clicking on Sign Selected Contract. On the Our Contracts and Options page, you can read more about District Heating Base and possible options. You’ll find price lists and available price agreements, which you can simply sign digitally with BankID.


Under Invoices, you can view recent years’ energy supply invoices for the facilities for which you are authorised to view. If you have a number of facilities and are looking for a specific invoice, you can either select the relevant facility by clicking on Change Facility; or use the filter function. The invoice filter includes invoice number, measuring point number, property name, address, status (unpaid/paid), invoice interval date or amount. If the number of facilities found by the filter is more than 20, only invoices for the past three months are displayed, limit the number of facilities to see invoices further back in time.


Under Services, we present the energy services we offer to optimise your district heating or district cooling delivery. If you have Administrator or Full Access permissions on My Pages, you can click on Continue to submit an expression of interest for respective services – we will then contact you and provide a quote.


With Analysis, you can deep-dive and analyse operating statistics for the facilities you are authorised to view. If you have other facilities, you choose whether you want to analyse values aggregated for a facility group or an individual facility. Data for district heating and cooling are displayed in separate tabs.

In the five sections: Energy, Flow, Temperature, Power, and Financial you can compare outcomes from previous years and analyse measured and estimate values. Under Power, you’ll find the respective plant’s power signature, which is calculated based on the past year’s daily values.

You can also export data to Excel and under Temperature and Show Table, you can see how large return temperature bonuses/fees and energy-weighted average return temperature your facilities have had in the past 12 months.


Here you can register your desired alert settings for your facilities, and quickly obtain information if the values deviate from these. Since measured values in your system vary depending on the time of year, there is a summer and winter setting for each alert. You can monitor Return temperature, Daily average effect, Hourly effect and Energy-weighted average return temperature. For each alert, select how you would like to be contacted, (push alerts in My Pages, email or text message).


In this section, you can read more about our sustainability work and our goal of having a net zero climate impact by 2032. You can also access key figures and download sustainability reports.


Permissions provides a summary of the customer numbers you are authorised to view. For each customer, there is an overview of people who are authorised and their authorisation level. There is also information on whether there are registered Management Companies. You can add more customers yourself by selecting + Add New Customer and entering the desired customer and organisation number.

Administrators have permissions to manage authorisations for all their users and invite more users to view information about your facility. If you have one manager, you can also invite and give each management company permission to see one or more facilities by entering the management company’s organisation number. When management companies have accepted such invitations and registered as an organisation, the name of the company will be displayed.

As an administrator in Management Companies, you have permission to invite more users (Managers) in your own management company and give such companies authorisations to the customers you manage. A management company can either be invited by its customer or register its customers themselves by entering customer and organisation numbers.

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Our customer service will help you!

Our customer service will help you!

We are happy to help you with questions about your district heating or district cooling, or if something is not working as it should. You also know that you can easily get help via My pages if you are looking for an invoice, for example?