Social responsibility

Stockholm Exergi works actively to get disadvantaged young people into the labour market. We think that this is an important responsibility we have as a local company. We work with different types of initiatives, such as training and apprenticeships. In all our programmes, we collaborate with other organisations, from the City of Stockholm to small voluntary groups, and have a willingness to meet people who want to work with us.

Careers – We give you the opportunities you need to make the most of your energy.

We offer an exciting working environment where you can transform energy into a sustainable future. We ensure that we all grow and develop. Working together, we drive lasting change. We give you the opportunities you need to make the most of your energy.

Stockholm Exergi is the result of hundreds of committed people. Hundreds of thoughts, perspectives, and emotions that work together to make Stockholm and the world more sustainable. With us, you get the opportunity to share your energy with more than a million Stockholmers, on a daily basis. Working at Stockholm Exergi, you become part of what it takes to provide heating when it’s cold and cooling when it’s hot. You help illuminate the way home in the dark and make energy use more efficient for an entire city. Read more about us and how we contribute to a sustainable Stockholm.

This is so important to us that we call it our promise to you and everyone else who wants to work with us, from the day you sign your employment contract. By sharing our energy, we provide the working environment you need to get the most out of your own energy. This means that you can influence your everyday life, broaden, or deepen your knowledge, or completely change tracks. We do everything we can to enable you to unleash your energy – for you and for Stockholm. Because by sharing energy, everyone can grow and develop. By sharing energy, we make a difference.

If you already know that you would like to work with us, go directly to current vacancies. But if you’d like to get to know us a little more, please read on.

Youth employment

Stockholm Exergi wants to help reduce unemployment among disadvantaged groups of the labour market. One such group is the young people of Stockholm, whom we work with through our apprenticeship programme and training initiatives.

We give young people who, for various reasons are outside the labour market, a six-month apprenticeship during which participants have the opportunity to see what it is like to work and be part of a larger context. The idea is to prepare young people for the future by improving their self-esteem and giving them a great start to their CV.

My Dream Now training
Through the My Dream Now initiative, we meet and inspire schoolchildren to dare to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. Through coaching, young people are allocated role models with different educational and professional backgrounds. Read more about My Dream Now here


Since 2017, we have run apprenticeship programmes to help young people take their first step into the labour market – a great way to reduce youth unemployment. As part of this programme, we have a long-term partnership with the City of Stockholm to make an even bigger difference and develop our collaboration over the long term. But we’re not satisfied: we want more organisations to launch similar initiatives. We’re happy to share what we have learned and want to collaborate with other actors in Stockholm and elsewhere. Together we can make a big difference.


Several Stockholm Exergi employees act as mentors in local colleges. We meet our classes regularly to inspire students to set goals and action plans for their futures. We believe that this is important work because it brings young people into contact with the labour market. Furthermore, it is incredibly inspiring for our mentors to meet and interact with young people.

Would you like to collaborate with us?

We have only worked systematically with social sustainability since 2017. So, in some ways, we’re still beginners, even though we’ve been committed to social sustainability for many years. But above all, it means that we are passionate about doing much more than we already do, and about trying new things. So, if you would like to meet us to see whether we can work together, or if you have ideas for collaborations and other initiatives, please contact us.