97% renewable or recycled energy

Powering district heating with 97 per cent renewable and recycled energy is not the only way to heat a city. There are large district heating networks in many cities around the world, but they tend to be heated using exclusively fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. In Stockholm, we prefer renewable energy. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how get warm and cosy with district heating.

District heating is suitable for businesses, tenant-owner associations, and private homes. Eight out of ten Stockholmers already use district heating. This video shows how it’s done:

How district heating can address power shortages

There is much debate about potential future electricity shortages in Stockholm. As growing numbers of electric vehicles need to be charged, the underground train network expands, new server halls open, and new homes are built, the need for electricity also increases – as does the need for smart and sustainable power solutions. One of these solutions, often overlooked in this context, is district heating: the sustainable, circular system that today provides heat for almost one million Stockholmers at the same time as it reduces pressure on the electricity network.

District heating creates heat and electricity in the same process. Other forms of heating require electricity to create heat, so they increase electricity demand. District heating, on the other hand, counteracts potential shortages.

Our customer service will help you!

Our customer service will help you!

We are happy to help you with questions about your district heating or district cooling, or if something is not working as it should. You also know that you can easily get help via My pages if you are looking for an invoice, for example?