Coal phased out 2020
– Carbon negative by 2025

Stockholm Exergi is the largest supplier of district heating in Sweden with close to 10 TWh in yearly energy sales (heat, cooling and electricity combined). The company has an annual turn-over of nearly €700 million and 700 employees. Stockholm Exergi is 50 per cent-owned by Stockholms Stadshus AB and 50 per cent by the consortium’s company Ankhiale Bidco AB.

In early 2020, the company phased out the last coal plant and now bases its heat sales on renewable and recovered energy sources. The company has set the objective to capture more CO2 than it emits by 2025, thus making its operations carbon negative.

Until 2011, the company was managing the city’s gas network. As part of optimizing the quality of the gas in that operation, Stockholm Exergi gained 40 years’ experience of capturing CO2. This experience has laid a solid foundation for the company’s ambition to be a leader in carbon capture and removal.

In late 2019, Stockholm Exergi launched an R&D bio-energy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) installation directly connected to the company’s, and Europe’s, largest biomass Combined Heat and Power plant, the KVV8. The KVV8 has a total capacity of 375 MW, including a maximum of 140 MW for electricity. Stockholm Exergi is now preparing to build a full-scale BECCS-plant connected to the KVV8, to be operational in 2025. As part of evaluating different CDR-technologies, Stockholm Exergi is also running a BioChar project and plans to build a full scale plant in the coming years.

For Stockholm Exergi, BECCS represents a new business area. In the current transformative energy landscape, framed by the climate challenge, the company believes that CDR services will be an important part of its future revenue streams. Consequently, the KVV8 BECCS project, and the company’s BioChar activities, is seen as a first step on a long-term strategy to service the market with carbon removal certificates.